Sunday, February 3, 2008

How do I create an RSS Feed? I am confused

Finally I submitted my assignment 1. I felt that was much easier compared to other assignments. Started working on my assignment 2. I have created MP3 files using Audacity. I don’t know how to create the RSS feeds. I have understood what an RSS feed is. I know it’s in XML format I can type and create one easily but still I am not sure how to create the orange Icon next to my MP3’s.

I checked KG for help there were some good wiki pages.

I liked this one particularly where they were referring to different sites to easily create the podcasts.

I found Odeo was much easier but still I am not sure how to get the orange icon on my page.


Alex said...

check this out:

My name is Nicole Long said...

Hi Asra,

I also use the Audacity software to create mp3 files. I found it to be very user-friendly.

As for an audio widget, I tried several of them and found the 'flash MP3 Player' to be the easiest one to manipulate although my co-workers like Odeo.

Good luck with your assignments.


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