Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things are becoming clearer now

Slowly I am getting a clear picture on how to start working on Assignment 1

Peter’s Check list was very useful. I can navigate easily in the Moodle environment now. I know where to find things. I have edited my profile so that I get a daily digest of email messages and also I have set Forum Tracking to Yes to keep track of posts that I have read,

I still don’t like the look of Knowledge Garden I would have preferred it with a better interface but I have realized that there is wealth of information on it.

I have created my user page and created a link on FET8611 course page and added an Avatar. I have started using Shoutbox in KG. I was happy to see Peter respond to my question immediately.

I have created my Blog and I intend to add to it regularly.

Done my posting for Discussion 1.2.

I have understood how to facilitate a page now. Still not clear what topic to choose to research on I shall finalize it by tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2007

How I am finding FET 8611

I have just completed FET5622 and started a new course FET8611 without any break. FET8611 has a different environment compared to the previous courses. Hence everything is new - the course environment( Moodle), the course content, and the Knowledge Garden (KG).

I had registered on knowledge garden in my previous course hence I was saved from the hurdles of registering on it. But I had never created my user page using KG.
Read the instructions on the course and postings on the forum and learnt how to do it. Finally I created my user page and also added a link to the course page but wasn’t happy as I couldn’t make it look more fancy. I have a passion to work on the design of the page. But looking at user pages created by other members looks like I won’t be able to do much.

I have to sit down and clearly make notes of what I am supposed to do. I read the introduction and also the assignments and I feel we have to do many things right now. Work on the user page, work on assignment 1, work on assignment 3. Invite others to comment on my KG page and comment on some one’s page. I am over whelmed right now.

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