Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wimba Session

I attended a Wimba session on Dec 11th. It was really interesting to use different conference tools. I have used Elluminate before and I found Wimba very much similar and easy to use.
This was the first time I was using Wimba. I didn’t have any problem downloading and installing it on my computer. The setup wizard checked audio. Most of the participants were from UAE. Initially the sound was not that clear. All the participants had microphone hence it was nice to talk to everyone. Peter checked with us about the progress of our course. How we are doing with our assignments. About our facilitated page and also what project have we decided for Assignment 2? I have decided to create Podcasts for a description of different areas of the Library as most of the students here have IPods. If students could download these on their IPods they could listen to it again & again. Since we will have students with different capabilities these podcasts could help them revise what has been learned.
Peter also asked what difference we have noted between Elluminate and Wimba. Joyce said that the there was no control on the order in which the names of the participants were listed as they were jumping up and down based on who had raised hand to talk .
Peter also made us draw something on the board. Write names where we came from and talk about weather conditions at our place.
Joyce was the google jockey in this Wimba session. This was the first time I was experiencing the google jockey. It was amazing how quickly she was bringing all the relevant links to the Wimba conference.
I felt more confident about the course after speaking to Peter, hoping to complete all the assignments during the holidays.

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Jane Ross said...

How are your assignments going? I have been working for hours in kG but still feel so far behind - sigh. BTW I've added you to my blog FET 8611 student links.

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